About us

Our maternity centre is available for parents with children from 0 to 6 years. This centre provides space for informal meetings, mutual support, sharing experience, education, using own skills and knowledge for mutual benefit. Our centre is a place where children can find natural community of peers and where they can see their mothers in a different role than at home.

We create an environment for the children in which they can feel safe and that stimulates their natural inquisitiveness and interest in everything they do not yet know.

Our aim is to support families, especially mothers who take care of children on maternity leave and preschool children.

MC is open to all races, generations, various social classes, people with various difficulties, it provides community feeling, solidarity.

Openness of our centre enables community integration of “different people” and it teaches tolerance. Women on maternity leave are actively involved in self-government of the centre and in designing and providing programs. They can get basics of PR, fundraising and a basic understanding of the law and they can also obtain a contact with public service and self-government. It helps them in returning to the labor market. Centre staff have the opportunity to work in part-time jobs and use the possibility of self-education. The maternity centre actively seeks for grants and other resources which are needed for achieving its aims.