“Eeny meeny not only diapers” - this biennial project is about education of English for parents of children at the age of 0 - 15 years.

English was taught in weekend courses with baby-sitting in the first school year 2009/2010 (once a month Thursdays – Sundays), and the training was completed by e-learning. Parents took advantage of enrolling on intensive lessons of English in nature which are enjoyed by parents and are very popular. 


In the second school year 2010/2011 our maternity centre Rybička is going to cooperate with a maternity centre or similar organization in another country. Profiles of various families, who are involved in international cooperation, should be created.

We are going to publish a bilingual publication with pictures “How family can live in Europe”, where there should be two profiles of families from each maternity centre and one profile from the foreign partner. The international conference with the same title will be held in the end of this project, our foreign guests from partners´ organizations and specialists in family policy will be invited.

The main applicant:


About us

We are a group of people who all have the same goal – to be better at English, to make a progress in English - this is the reason why we participate in this project for the second year. We are getting better thanks to a lot of English lessons, e-learning and study hours. We like keeping in touch with other people and ... enjoying life.

International cooperation

 Our aim now is to find a partner organisation abroad for cooperation in an international project Eeny Meeny which includes (as mentioned before) creation of family profiles in English. This will be ended by a conference with a presentation of some profiles and a visit of partnership MCs.