The Maternity Centre “MC Rybička Litovel” was established in April 2003 as a part of Charity Litovel. It is the only maternity center in Litovel. It became a member of Centres in the Czech Republic. The Centre is located at the main square in Litovel (The Přemysl Otakar Sq.).

At the beginning of its existence, this centre was in the hands of active local mothers on maternity leave. In 2004, one volunteer mother on a maternity leave mańaged to create a programme for two days in a week. More and more new clients started to come during the next few years.

Our MC Rybička has offered daily programmes (in the mornings and in the afternooms) since 2006. Before, the programme was just twice a week.

Since 2007 the Centre has realized a special project “Professionalization Group Maternity Centres of Olomouc Region” funded from ESF (European Social Fund) and Government Fund of the Czech Republic. This project helps women to find reasonable jobs during and after their maternity leave.

Moreover, there has been an evening programme since 2007.

In 2008 and 2009 the maternity centre was involved in campaigns, such as The Litovel Carnival, The Lantern March, the Adoption of  children from India and Africa - we financially support their education etc.